Monday, May 14, 2012

So much to do, so little time

Renting my apartment last week made me realize that I will be moving very, very soon (insert sound effect of my hand slapping my forehead because this is such an obvious statement). I have 2-ish months to pack and plan the drive to VA and clean and travel for work. Pretty soon, the planner part of me will take over and I will start to calendar out my life down to the hour to make sure everything gets done. These are the times I wish I was less organized and more spontaneous but that is not my personality. My lists will start to have list babies and I won't be able to stop myself. In the interest of my own sanity, I've made a list (ha ha) of things that I should do before I leave the Bay Area. Hopefully, I'll get to do all of these things while also doing all the necessary tasks involved in moving cross country.

Here's my tentative list:
  • Go to Alameda's Got Talent at the historic Alameda Theater - this sounds like it could be the greatest event ever or an utter disaster. Like the Lou Reed/Metallica album.
  • Do the spirits tasting at St. George's Distillery (and yes, I would like the version that includes absinthe)
  • Go to both an A's and Giants game
  • Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge again. I only went a short distance on it on New Year's Day but I feel like I should try again. I don't need to walk across it but I need to go a little further in order to truly conquer my fear of bridges. 
  • Hang out in Marin so that I can feel better when I roll my eyes when people make Marin jokes
  • Go to a concert - how is it that I haven't seen one show since I moved here? What is wrong with me?
  • One more trip to Napa - I went on Sunday for the second time but feel like I need one more trip before I leave.
  • Visit the USS Hornet Museum
  • Go to the fortune cookie factory in SF's Chinatown
  • Attend the Alameda 4th of July parade which is the second oldest and longest in the US
  • See a movie at the Castro Theatre
  • See the sunrise from Twin Peaks
  • Go to the Oakland Zoo
  • Find the Froling spite house in Alameda  
  • Finally go to the Alameda Flea Market - I always seem to have something else to do on the first Sunday of every month. How is that possible?
  • Take a trip to Yosemite and/or Muir Woods
  • Try a few more restaurants in the area. In Alameda I specifically want to try:
      • Hob Nob
      • Mona's 
      • Ole's 
      • Dragon Rouge 

Suggestions for other things to do? Anyone want to walk the Golden Gate Bridge with me? Or go to find the Froling spite house (or know where it is)?


  1. Erin, the Spite House is at 2528 Crist St. (at Broadway; Crist is between Central & Encinal).

  2. Thank you Sue! And thanks to your parents for the Better Mades; that made my Monday.