Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gwyny P and the Hulk fall in love

I love a lot of really ridiculous movies. Xanadu, The Warriors, Troop Beverly Hills come to mind. I will watch favorites over and over again and find something new to love each time. A movie just gets better with time. You know what's even better? Being able to recite the dialogue. One day this talent of mine will come in handy. I don't know when and I don't know why but it will happen.

I'm not a huge Gwyneth Paltrow fan but there is one Gwyneth Paltrow movie I adore - View From the Top (2003). When I had Netflix, I used to keep adding it back to my queue after I had just watched it, not immediately after watching it but sort of as a bonus. I usually put it between a very serious documentary and something that I had missed in the theaters.

In the tradition of my You've Got Mail post, here are the 36 things I love about this movie.
  1.  Gwyneth as Donna Jensen. She's spunky and looks flawless in every the terrible outfits she has to wear. Donna Jensen doesn't annoy me at all. Sliding Doors is my all time favorite but that has more to do with John Hannah and her haircut.
  2.  This is Kelly Preston's second best role of all time. The first is as the hippie mom in What a Girl Wants. Her hair may have been the inspiration for Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls.
  3.  The fact that Donna had never flown before but decided to become a flight attendant anyway. It's like me deciding to become a skydiving instructor.
  4.  Rob Lowe as Co-Pilot Steve. He is literally made to be a pilot.
  5.  Two words: Mark Ruffalo. I can't even begin to discuss how much I love Mark Ruffalo. The Kids Are Alright is my favorite but seriously, I'll watch him in anything. And he is the greatest Bruce Banner/Hulk ever. Hulk smash! Hulk fall in love.
  6. Sierra Airlines uniforms - yikes but I also feel like they're totally appropriate for the destinations they fly to and the drunks and gamblers they serve. 
  7. Flight attendants have a hierarchy. Who knew? Do you think this is a real thing? Are the US Airway flight attendants "better" than the US Airways Express attendants? Is this like some bizarre version of high school?
  8. Toblerone is delicious.
  9. Christina Applegate is flawless and evil. She cracks me up with her hearts and awkward attempts at putting the moves on Ted.
  10. Ted fixes Donna's bikini top with the twist tie from a bread bag. He is a keeper.
  11. I love Candice Bergen in everything she does. She does not disappoint in this movie. She's the best fairy godmother a flight attendant could ever have.
  12. The Royalty Airlines Learning Center - is this place for real? Is this how flight attendants are trained? There's a point in one scene where I swear they're filming near this frontage road that I have to drive around on every time I go to Houston for work.
  13. "You put the wrong em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LA-ble." John Whitney (Mike Myers) This is way funnier when you hear him say it.
  14. Ted's family and their matching sweaters - if my family every decided to wear matching sweaters I might stop coming home for the holidays.
  15. Mike Myers kills me. He's normally funny (even in only okay movies) but I just love him in this one. John Whitney would have made a hilarious SNL sketch.
  16. I stopped dotting my "i"s with hearts when I was about 11. Maybe I shouldn't have ever stopped.
  17. Didgeridoo, Tectonic plates - word association is fun! Seriously, try it. Tectonic plates - go!
  18. Sally telling the story about how she met her husband, Jack. I'm wondering how many takes it took them to get through that scene without laughing given the continual use of the phrase "warm nuts" and the cast we're dealing with. (Yes, I just became a 12 year old boy for a few minutes.)
  19. Sally Weston's closet. And her shiny pants suits. I feel like Hillary Clinton might have been elected President if her pants suits had been as amazing as Sally Weston's.
  20. Sally remembers a time when people dressed to fly. I don't mind so much that people wear jeans or even yoga pants when they fly. I do, however, have a problem with people who forget to wear pants at all. This happened when I flew to Hong Kong in February. A woman was wearing tights, not leggings but was treating the tights like leggings. It was not pretty.
  21. Remember kids, stealing guest soap is a gateway crime. It leads to stealing airplane minis and captain's wings.
  22. Donna winds up in Cleveland and meets Ted again. I don't believe things like this happen in Ohio.
  23. "Cleveland is like this great big, giant waiting room and all we have to do is put in our year and wait until someone calls our number." Donna to Ted on their time in Cleveland. I'm fairly certain this is what I would feel if I lived in most parts of Ohio.
  24. The ghost rider on Christine's flight is the same guy who played Jimmy Valentine in Shag. And yes, I just knew this.
  25. My life might be different if I could wear hats like Donna Jensen.
  26. Remember how awesome airports and air travel used to be? Good times.
  27. I have to question the Donna/Christine fight sequence. There is no way that Donna was the only person on the plane or that the gate agent would have started boarding the plane without checking with her first. 
  28. The yellow coat she wears in Paris. Flawless.
  29. Is Paris as magical in real life as it is in the movies? I hope so. I also hope to enjoy it and be wrapped in its magic one day.
  30. Donna sends postcards too!
  31. I love how her apartment changes as she travels to new places. Every time I watch this movie I notice something new that gets added. This time around, I noticed the lantern.
  32. "We learn to always keep smiling even when we're out of Bloody Mary mix." Thank you, Sally Weston
  33. "Welcome to New York, where the local time is 7:13 a.m. I'd like to personally thank you for flying with us today, and to remind you that the last one off the plane has to clean it." Another Sally Weston gem. Can you imagine if this was true?
  34. I don't want to ruin the movie for you so I won't tell you what Donna becomes at the end but let's just say it's amazing. She's pretty rock star.
  35. The random dance sequence right before the credits.Why don't more movies have an extraneous but awesome dance sequence?
  36. As Sally Weston reminds us, every pilot needs a co-pilot. 
It totally made my day when I just happened upon this movie on Movieplex. I guess sometimes cable is worth it.

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