Monday, November 14, 2011

In need of a partner in crime...

I consider myself a fairly social person. Whenever I take interest inventories and personality assessments (I do this about once a week at work since I train on these types of things), social is always on my list. But so is introverted so it’s not surprising that I like to do things normally considered group activities by myself.

Here are my favorite group things to do by myself:
·      Go to the movies
·      Get coffee
·      Shop for clothes
·      Get a manicure
·      Go out for breakfast (I love breakfast food and have no problems having breakfast by myself)
·      Go on vacation (although I like to travel with people too)
·      Watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey (I need to be able to talk to the tv without anyone's judgment)

Here are my least favorites:
·      Go to a restaurant for dinner (I do this all the time when I travel for work and it’s awful)
·      Go to concerts
·      Go to bars (you should never go to bars by yourself anyway)
·      Drive around and look at Christmas decorations
·      Shop for shoes (someone needs to tell you where you are on the hooker/matron scale)
·      Take a road trip (which is different from a vacation)
·      Watch Saints football (the Who Dat Nation is not a nation of one)
·      Go on adventures

So while I was perfectly fine moving to California without really knowing anyone I realize that I miss having a partner in crime. Until recently, I’ve always had at least one partner in crime who was game for random adventures wherever we were. Many of my best friends have filled this role over the years and even my brother, Scott, has stepped up to participate in some of the ridiculousness. 

My brother in San Francisco after spending four days in a car with me. He's a good sport.
Temporary partners in crime are fun too; any of my friends or family coming to visit can fill this role. Example: my friend Amy came to visit in April and we went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It was a pretty epic day especially since we finished off our adventure at In-N-Out Burger.  

I had today off from work and it would have been awesome to go to do something random and fun on a Monday. Yes, I could have done this on my own but it would not have been as much fun. Instead, I ran errands, packed a box of non-essential kitchen items and continued to follow random educational organizations on Twitter. So I am in search of my new partner in crime. Here’s what I think makes a great one:

·      Flexible work schedule or the ability to take random days off just because
·      Inability to say no to any suggested activity
·      Strong stomach
·      Ability to create fun playlists and also be willing to listen to my ridiculous taste in music (yes, I like Iggy Pop but I also really like Olivia Newton-John—don’t judge)
·      Love of road trips—I prefer to drive whenever possible
·      Volunteers to drive
·      Makes excellent snack recommendations
·      Contributes ideas to the adventure list

Did I miss anything? Give me your suggestions for the perfect partner in crime (and not one who actually commits crime).

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