Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting around Alameda

Alameda is awesome for driving around when you have nothing to do. You never know what you'll see. I like to pick a route, drive around and take pictures. I just hope that I'm not giving off any sort of creepy vibe. I'm fairly certain that I look trustworthy and fairly normal instead of looking like a criminal.

This is what I see when I drive down Central Avenue:
Alameda is Spanish for "tree-lined avenue."
I can't remember where I was going but for some reason I ended up on Encinal and happened to look over and see a dinosaur on a house. I've been trying to figure out a reason for putting the dinosaur in this exact location: is it so people can find your house? Maybe the homeowners just realize (as we all should) that everything is just better with dinosaurs.

I don't own a home but I hope that one day when I do, I will find something equally odd to place on my house. Do they make hedgehog model sets? I think I'd want a hedgehog.

I've started watching the show American Horror Story and on recent spin around the island, I came across an abandoned house that made me think of the show. This has now become my favorite house on this particular street. If I wrote Gothic novels, I think this would be the ideal setting. I'd love for someone to fix it up since I'm sure it would be beautiful but I also just love it like this. Makes for more interesting drives. 

I like that it's hidden by all the trees and shrubs. I think you'd miss it if you weren't paying attention. Probably the point.

While I love driving my car, walking in Alameda is probably the best way to get around. It's flat so you can walk forever and not really feel tired. Of course, walking around and taking pictures of people's houses is even creepier than driving. I always hope they aren't home or if they are, they don't see me doing it. I was looking at apartments a few weeks ago and came across this on someone's lawn:

Seriously, I had no idea people actually bought the statues that you see in Sky Mall. You can't see them in this picture but there are also large butterflies and some other random statues closer to the house. Every time I fly I consider contacting Sky Mall to ask about who buys these statues but now I know. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the Yeti or the zombie but those might be too much.

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