Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Road Ninja is done

This was supposed to be about something else entirely but I just wasn't feeling it when I sat down today. I will save that idea for another time.

This Road Ninja is done with moving. Yes, I know I always say this and then end up moving again but I mean it this time. Unless moving professionals, a ton of money, and a moving planner are involved, I will be staying in this lovely apartment for the foreseeable future. The thought of purging stuff, packing, loading a truck, driving anywhere longer than 30 minutes away,  unloading a truck, unpacking, and reorganizing my life again makes my stress hives start. I don't want to complete another online address change request. I don't want to fill out another state's tax form.

My mom asked me how many times I've moved total (since it is actually more than my family has moved) and I told her sixteen times. I lied - this move to Arlington makes eighteen times. This includes:
  • Eight states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, and California) - Now technically I never physically lived in Georgia but it was my permanent address for 2 years in college so I have to count it.
  • 10 apartments
  • 1 dorm room
  • Louisiana and Virginia tie for the most times living in one state (I've lived in each on 3 separate occasions.)
  • 3 cars (although I only really drove 2 of them)
  • 2 roommates (both amazing ladies!!)
Pumpkin has lived in 4 states and 9 apartments. She's a very well-traveled cat. Too bad she suffers from terrible car sickness. I guess that's what becoming an old lady cat will do to you.

This past move was particularly difficult, not because I was particularly attached to California or because I was coming back to Arlington under negative circumstances. It was just a lot. There has to be a point in one's life when the nomadic tendencies stop. I'm hoping that this is that time for me. 

I'm in a list mood today (because I've been making a lot of lists this week). Here's what this move looks like in list form:
  • 3,122 miles driven between Alameda and Arlington
  • 60 hours in the car (this doesn't account for time spent in Detroit visiting family or running errands)
  • 14 states
  • 3 mountain ranges
  • 3 hotels
  • $80 in tolls (Pennsylvania was the most expensive because there are 2 tolls. Silly PA.)
  • $900 for gas. Haul and Oates were expensive.
  • 8 fast food restaurants, 1 Olive Garden
  • 1 almost accident (People need to not stop abruptly on freeway on-ramps when I'm driving behind them in a large truck and towing my car. Stopping quickly is not really an option, guy in the white truck.)
  • 1 experience with time travel
  • 35 postcards sent (I hope they've all arrived)
  • 1 public shouting episode with UHaul (at a winery)
  • 3 trips to Target since arriving in VA 
  • 2 trips to the grocery since arriving in VA
  • 1 very awesome big brother


I've accomplished a lot this week. I went to work every day (and worked late most days), unpacked all but three boxes (I have no idea where my CDs are going to go), and I was able to get back and forth to work without getting lost. I didn't have to use my directions after 2 days! I bought a TV today and pictures are hanging on the walls. There is a closet that shall not be discussed but I will eventually get to it and figure out what to do with it. The apartment feels more like home - my things have found their places (except for maybe the Saints gnome) and Pumpkin seems to be enjoying herself. Between the large window and her discovery of the top of the cabinets, she's made herself right at home here. The only things left on my shopping list are things I don't really need right now (like a shoe organizer and something for the CDs). I guess I'm done for now. I guess all that's left to do now is stop reorganizing cabinets and closets and get out there and enjoy my new town.  

Totally unrelated note: Thanks for reading! The Island hit a big milestone this week (over 2000 hits) and I really appreciate that people have kept reading, commenting, and sharing. I promise to be more amusing next week and quote my friend Matt (since I was supposed to do it this week but failed miserably).

Happy reading!

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