Saturday, July 28, 2012

What do you mean I don't live on an island anymore?

A farewell cocktail
I'm here - Virginia. We made it across country (again) and in one piece. Haul and Oates did their job and tomorrow I can get rid of the last part of the duo and move into my apartment. Pumpkin won't have to run away from the dog or jump on top of the refrigerator (although I suspect she really enjoys that part of being at my parents' house).

I did a lot during my final days in Alameda. I went to a Giants game, the Off the Grid food truck event at South Shore, a BBQ, going away drinks, my final work lunch, and an A's game. Oh and I did some packing, dropped off the last donations, and started cleaning.

In a previous post, I declared this year the year of the friend. I feel like I made progress on that while in Alameda and I will definitely miss the friends I've made and hope that they'll come visit me in Arlington.

I enjoyed being part of the ever-shrinking Oakland office.  Erin, Katrien, David, and Creighton - make sure to drop by when you're in Arlington. I look forward to wearing my Oakland shirt at the H'Oscars. Once an Oakland office member, always an Oakland office member.

To the Altarena peeps: I have enjoyed working with you all and having the opportunity to be part of an Alameda tradition. Joe and Sue, thanks for being my Forbidden Island buddies, reading and encouraging the blog, and making me feel as "local" as I can be. Liz, Mari, and Star: thanks for helping with the UHaul last week. I was totally impressed with the job we did. I appreciate it more than you know. Keep in touch and thanks for the laughs. Star, thanks for introducing me to DPC and talking art with me. Liz, I'm glad someone else understands my travel obsession and doesn't think my crush on Richard Dowden is too weird.

Making candy with strangers - delicious
To Erin, Scott, and team 959: Erin, thanks for making me feel like a part of the Oakland office rather than "the other Erin." I will do my best to find a sane (but interesting and fun) new trainer to keep things balanced and entertaining. I don't know what I enjoyed the most: listening to Pat's random mix CDs before meeting him, making candy with strangers (Katherine, Amber, and Seth), listening to Emily's side comments, Matt's crazy stories, or the musings of Dr. Scott. It's been great getting to know all of you. Hopefully, I'll see y'all next time I'm in town. I was also not joking when I told Erin I would post a video of Dr. Scott on this blog. Film it and send it to me and Dr. Scott will make his Island debut. It will be amazing.

And what will become of the Island of Misfit Toys? This blog started as a way for me to figure out my way in California and I think it helped tremendously. However, it's really morphed into me being me and having an outlet for writing so I think it'll stay the same. As I explained to several people before I left, I'm sort of the misfit toy and the island now. I think it still fits. I hope you keep reading because I'm going to keep on writing.

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