Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Instagram vacation is totally a thing

Howdy Island readers! Spring has basically sprung (yesterday's snow aside) so it's time to hop in the car and take my annual March road trip. Last year, I spent some time in and around Charlottesville. It's nice to get outside of the DMV every now and then.

This year, I've decided to do something a little different. I recently got back onto Instagram and decided that I would use Instagram to document my March adventure. I know lots of people (maybe even some of you) like to document your food on Instagram; I want you to be happy so you do what you want to do. Just make smart life choices and maybe don't be that guy that's at a table of people and all of you whip out your phones at the same time to document brunch. It's weird.

To me, Instagram is the perfect medium to document a road trip. Filters give photos that dreamy quality I identify with old post cards and photographs and ultimately, memories of road trips from my childhood. It also lends itself to the weird and off beat. That is exactly where my road trip will take me. I'll be visiting roadside attractions and unusual attractions in Baltimore, Charlottesville (and some surrounding towns), and Richmond. I'll also throw in an exhibition game at Nationals Park just for fun.There may or may not be a stop at a large roller skate and it's possible some dinosaurs will be involved.

I'll be documenting the entire trip on Instagram. If you want to join my adventure (at least in photos) you can follow me @eagarland. All photos will be tagged with the hashtag #misfittoysroadtrip2014 for easy searching.

See you on the road!

Coming Saturday: The final We Can Be Heroes post.

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