Sunday, April 7, 2013

At least I don't look like Nancy Reagan

Confession: I watched seven episodes of season two of Gilmore Girls on Wednesday night. Seven episodes in one night! I started when I got home from work, as I waited for food to be delivered, and way past the time I should have been in bed. I could have just skipped to the episode that I wanted to watch (episode 7) but that would be cheating.

Episode 7 is entitled "Like Mother, Like Daughter". In the episode, Lorelei and Rory are both scolded by Headmaster Charleston for not being as socially involved as they should be at Chilton. Since Rory lives in quirky Stars Hollow not near her school, Headmaster Charleston doesn't see her friends and life away from Chilton's hallowed halls. He calls her a "loner" and basically says she won't get into Harvard unless she makes some friends (which is crazy and totally incorrect). Eventually, Rory gets recruited by a secret sorority called the Puffs and gets in trouble for being in the school after hours. Lorelei, in a fit of parental rage, goes to Chilton to have it out with the headmaster and gets shamed into joining a parent club because Lorelei hasn't been involved enough either. Lorelei joins the booster club and agrees to help organize the annual Fall Fashion Show at the inn. She also ends up being one of the models along with her mother, Emily. Like all things involving the Gilmore girls, there's a little sassiness, a bunch of awesome, and Cyndi Lauper.

Today, I participated in my first fashion show. The women's club my mother belongs to at her church has an annual spring tea and fashion extravaganza (they don't call it that but maybe they should). I missed it last year since I had not yet moved back to the area. My mom invited me to go with her this year and I was looking forward to the tea because going to a tea is fantastic. There's something magical and lovely about dressing up, eating tiny sandwiches, and drinking out of pretty cups. Teas appeal to the girlie side of me.

I was not planning to participate in the fashion show. However, I was asked to do so at another function at my parents' church by the president of the club. I didn't want to say no to her (she's just so nice) and I figured it would make my mom happy if I participated. When this came up, the first thing that came to mind was the Gilmore Girls episode. I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Of course, I strive to be more like a Gilmore girl so I agreed, went to the Dress Barn in Stafford, and selected two different looks for the show.

I didn't expect to have as much fun trying on clothes as I did. Like my mother, I don't like to shop. I know, it's crazy - two women who don't like to shop. But neither of us do (we also don't like having our pictures taken). There was a very helpful woman at the store who was in charge of helping us pick out our clothes and accessories. She told me I have a tiny waist and encouraged me to wear a blazer - this makes her my new favorite person. We put together a dressy look and a more casual but it could be dressy look in bright colors with super fun shoes. I guess all my clothes changing as a child finally paid off. Anyway, I was happy with both outfits and went on my merry way.

Many of my friends have found the whole fashion show thing amusing. You have to understand - this is what ladies in women's clubs do. They have tea, enjoy a little fashion, and help others. I decided it would just be one more experience in the quest to be the leading lady of my life. My mom even enlisted one of her friend's daughters to model - she looked fantastic and it was nice to see her. All the women who modeled looked amazing and were very nice and complimentary of one another. One of the ladies, seated at our table as well, recently lost 40 pounds and you could just see how proud she was of her accomplishment. I like hearing stories like hers. You could see the confidence just radiate off of her. We were all a hit and my shoes were particularly popular (sorry, no picture but here's a link because they're awesome). I'm even considering purchasing some of the items because they are in line with my plans to be more adventurous and daring in my fashion choices. Kate Winslet would be proud of me for wearing a blazer and rocking some jewelry.

I'm not a particularly religious person (much to my mom's disappointment) but I appreciated the spirit of the event today and the opening remarks from one of the priests. In addition to thanking the Columbiettes, (that's the organization my mom belongs to) he also talked about the importance of women as leaders and as the heart of communities. I can't remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of women like the Columbiettes are why things happen in a community. They care, they give their time, and they set an example of strength and leadership. Obviously, he was referring to the community of the church but really his comments could be applied anywhere. It can be challenging to stay positive when there's so much negativity placed on the women's roles in communities and the world. Recently, I've found myself so bogged down in all the negativity. It was nice to spend the afternoon with a group of people just enjoying themselves and particularly to spend the afternoon with my mom. She did a lot work to make the event a success and I hope she's proud of herself. She always tells me how proud she is of me so I will say how proud I am of her and how nice it is to see her involved and enjoying herself.

These ladies did a remarkable job of creating a lovely afternoon for all who attended (90% of the food was homemade!). I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did. I guess with St. Joan of Arc as one of your group's patronesses, you can't go wrong.

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