Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's a colorful day in the neighborhood

What a lovely day for a run around Richmond (more specifically the speedway)! I found out about The Color Run from Anita over the summer. I checked out the website and immediately decided to sign up. DC was full so I decided to take the short drive to Richmond and take part there. Thankfully, my friends Meghan and Adam live in Richmond and were game to join me. I like partners in crime!

The Color Run is a 5K run/walk billed as "the Happiest 5K On The Planet." It's about having fun and celebrating happiness. Each city partners with a local charity (Richmond's was CHAT-Churchill Activities and Tutoring). Every runner has to wear a white shirt. By the end of the run, you'll have passed through four different color stations and be covered in fantastic color. It's awesome.

Any day that starts with watching an episode of She-Ra Princess of Power is going to be a great day. The weather was perfect - sunny and breezy, not too hot. We were in wave 6 and took about an hour to walk the course. Along the way we saw great costumes, adorable children running like it was field day, and people having a fantastic time. At the end, we decided to throw our color packets at one another - both Meghan and I ended up with tons of green in our hair and Adam had orange all over his face. 

I can't wait to do this again next year. I hope Meghan and Adam will join me again. We discussed possible costume ideas - everyone seemed to have a tutu or a cape on and we felt underdressed. I'm thinking next year we go the super hero route and wear capes and fantastic colored socks.

Enjoy the pictures! I need to work on getting the rest of the green out of my hair!!

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