Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthdays should never be on a Monday

Here is why:
  • No one likes Monday. It's a fact (and if you do, there is something wrong with you). The euphoria of the weekend has worn off and you're spending most of the day dealing with being back at work or school or whatever you do with your time. Birthdays should not be a part of that.
  • There is absolutely nothing fun about Monday. It's not even fun to say.
  • The line at the coffee shop is always longer on a Monday.
  • The only holidays that consistently take place on Mondays are federal holidays. That means that people will associate your birthday with discounts on furniture and cars. Also, not everyone gets to take every federal holiday off so there's always a little resentment associated with holidays on a Monday. And yes, I know that a birthday is not an actual holiday but it is the one day of the year that people celebrate you and your birth so it's like a mini-holiday.
  • More traffic. People don't typically telecommute on Mondays so everyone is driving to work or taking public transportation. I spent most of today's commute behind a bus.
  • I have awesome co-workers who planned to have lunch with me today but normally no one wants to take a lunch break on Monday because we all have too much to do.
  • If you wanted to go out and really celebrate (you know, with adult beverages and staying up late enough to watch The Daily Show), it's a school night so you really can't. I have an 8 am training tomorrow morning that I have to drive an hour or so to get to so no late night out for me.
Since today is my birthday and it's Monday (stupid leap year) I've planned an appropriate celebration  - work, Indian take out, and the premiere of the new Amy Sherman-Palladino show Bunheads on ABC Family. I can only assume that Ms. Sherman-Palladino timed this show to premiere today as a birthday present to me. Gilmore Girls will always be my favorite but I'm hopeful that Bunheads will fill the void that was left when the magic of Stars Hollow ended.

I share a birthday with Jacques Cousteau, William Styron, Gene Wilder, Joe Montana, and PETER DINKLAGE! That last one had to be in all caps and I don't even watch Game of Thrones.

I'm also going to pretend that today is Tuesday. I can do this because it's my birthday and that's how birthday magic works. I'll still recognize tomorrow as Tuesday; I'm just going to call it Tuesday, part 2.

Today is also:
  • Kamehameha Day - celebrates the unification of the Hawaiian Islands by King Kamehameha. When I lived in Hawaii I pretended that the parades were for me. No, I was not 10 (I was in my 20s).
  • Hug Day - apparently we need 4 hugs to survive, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for survival (per day)
  • Asparagus Day
  • Dirty Book Day
  • German Chocolate Cake Day
  • Triple Crown Day
If today is your birthday too, I hope you're having a wonderful and magical day!

My horoscope for the day. Hmmm....


  1. I'm glad the other CA peeps took you out for lunch! Spiritually, I was there too. Although I am still failing at putting your card in the mail. Note to self... must go do.
    Also glad to now know about Kamehameha Day, although honestly in my mind I'm changing it to be about Dragon Ball Z.

  2. Yes, you were there with us! And thankfully, Bunheads was good so the day ended on a high note. I'm sure that King Kamehameha likes that his name was used on Dragon Ball Z.